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Chef Fabrizio Natale

I was about eleven years old when I began to use the skills I had picked up by observing my grandmother, Luisa Natale, in the kitchen. It wasn't long before I was making dinner for family and friends. It was obvious from an early age that cooking was my passion. I was during my teenage years that I was introduced to new cultures and I began to gain a great appreciation for international cuisine, but it wasn't until I graduated from high school that I realized that cooking could be a way of life for me.

I enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Humber College and once I was there I knew that this was what I was meant to do. I graduated in 1989 with honours and went to be the the chef of DaVinci Banquet Hall. I left there to open up Mainstreet Diner & Club in Woodbridge. After selling Mainstreet Diner I worked at Paparazzi in Richmond Hill until I once again opened up my own place, The Bourdeaux Café & Bistro in Market Lane, Woodbridge. In 1996 I became part of the Peter & Paul's team as the executive chef and operations manager of their corporate catering division.

Throughout my years as a chef I have had the pleasure of cooking for many celebrities such as Shania Twain, Lionel Ritchie, Robert Redford, Paul Martin and many more.

My mission is to show my customers a diverse menu at a reasonable price without compromising satisfaction, presentation and above all flavour. My style of cooking embraces traditional concepts with unique interpretations of ethnic cuisines. I have created a menu to celebrate different cuisines to compliment all palates. My food will speak for itself.

I have been a resident of Bolton for many years where I enjoy life with my wife and three children.


Catering/banquet services 7 days a week.

26 McEwan Drive West, Unit 3, Bolton, ON   L7E 1E6   |   905.857.6578

Chef Talk Bistro and Catering opened it’s doors for the first time in 2005. Chef and owner Fabrizio Natale brings over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry.